Fallout 3…fun?…what?

I guess my title is a little over emphasized with my opinion rather than trying to consider other opinions.  This game is getting unreal reviews, people everywhere are talking about it as though it’s the greatest game ever.  I can understand the appeal especially considering how many people loved Oblivion, but honestly, did we really need another Oblivion.  Oh sorry, Oblivion with guns.  And what’s with people saying this isn’t Oblivion with guns?  That is exactly what it is.  You start a mission and it tells you to go to this town.  You go to that town, start talking to people, and they say go talk to this guy.  So you go speak with said guy, he says “Yeah.  I saw yo’ daddy.  Gimme some money or go kill this hooker.”  so you go to kill this hooker but along the way you are stopped by five fucking people who think them finding their family or writing some book is more important than you finding your dad.  Fuck you and your egos.

So now here you are running around trying to find some bitches parents only to find out they are dead then you have to find her brother who got kidnapped by some raiders.  Meanwhile you accumulate 3 more missions along the way.  So now you have 8 freelance missions and meanwhile from the sounds of it your dad is off doing far more badass things.  Is the purpose of this game to ignore the story entirely?  What the fuck is that?  This is a different kind of a RPG game than what gamers like myself are comfortable and I also think it points out a flaw within contemporary game development, where did the story go?

It seems as thought the era of well developed story lines in games have gone down the drain and it’s sad.  There are still some amazing games that are popping up, Tales of Vespiria, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, Bio Shock, fuckin’ hell Dead Rising does a better job of exposure to a story than Fallout 3.  I understand the appeal of games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion.  It is cool to have a completely wide open world where you can go anywhere and do anything, but there should be something that dialogue and story progression makes you WANT to do.  I have a hard time finding this in Fallout 3.  Any time it tries to share some of the story with you, it makes you go grab a fucking relay dish.  Come on dude, I got 500 caps and I am sure if I give you these and tell me where my fucking dad is, I will have 500 more for the guy in the next town who is going to ask me to do god knows what.  I don’t care about finding my dad anymore because I am sent on retarded quests that have nothing to do with my dad to find out where the hell he is.  Sorry duder, but I checked out a long time ago.

I do understand where fans are coming from but at the same time I can’t help but think the real essence of games is falling apart.  The escapist platform that video games have the capability of being is astounding, but I rarely see it being executed with contemporary games.  I just think Fallout has the ability of being an amazing game for more people if they would have fired on all cylinders.  I also think it is weird that it is getting such amazing reviews when it is obviously lacking in many places.  Could this just be a product of fear caused by the Kane & Lynch/Gamespot fiasco?  If you look at many of these publications you will see that they are advertisers on these sites.  I’m not going conspiracy theory on this, just pointing something out.

I’m also not saying that a game has to have the most unreal story ever.  Look at Gears of War.  Simple story, badass action, ultra violent, and some pretty sick curb-stomping animation (Doesn’t beat Dead Space in that category though).  Gears is a game that appeals to everyone; a douchebag frat guy, a geek who lives in his mothers basement, a dad who told his wife he bought the console for his kids but plays games after they go to bed, or people like me who are in a weird purgatory between being a core gamer and a casual gamer.  I think Fallout 3 for me is an example of a game doing the little things perfectly but failing at the core of a video game.  But then again I grew up playing Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Chrono Trigger, and Metal Gear (original series as well as the Solid era).  Gameplay and story carry me, not big & pretty.

Feel free to yell at and disagree with me.

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~ by Dar Man Hat Tan on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fallout 3…fun?…what?”

  1. 100% agree with you on the story aspect and the fact that its an oblivion clone. I hate when games give me the main quest at the very beginning and then bombard me with tons of side quests I have to sift through before I actually get to the real quest. I played Oblivion for months without once going into the an oblivion gate. I think Gears of War is a guy thing because I tried playing it and getting into it and every time I would fall asleep at some point staring at all the gray and guns. Girls need at least one bright glowy spell or character to keep our attention.

  2. Fallout 1 and 2 also gave you a lot of freedom and side quests.
    The time-limit for the water-chip (main) quest in Fallout 1 was criticized by fans and removed by a patch and ever since Fallout games (and Elder Scrolls games) emphasized freedom.

    Fallout 3 is Fallout 1/2 combined with Scrolls (Oblivion, Morrowind, Daggerfall, Arena) and both fan camps, and new fans would have been pissed of by a linear approach, simple side-quests and binary logic.

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